April 30, 2011

Alex Colombo

© Alex Colombo – Leah the Bee

I sketched out this little bee with a black pen on brown paper while traveling on a train to Como, Italy :) When I came back to California, I made it into a colorful card with liquid watercolors and gouache. It has been one of my most popular illustrations since! You can find Leah the Bee greeting and gift cards on Etsy and local shops.

April 28, 2011

Bethanie Murguia

This is my first post to VSS. I am excited to be joining the group. I'm working on a picture book about dressing up and I've been having so much fun coming up with fabric ideas. I can see how surface design could be very addictive. This is a sample.

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April 23, 2011

Sam Kirkman

A page from Ouwangalaymah! The "Tail" Of The Name Of The Tree #2
Now available in print from Indyplanet.com
and in digital PDF from Theillustratedsection.com

Lisa J. Michaels

"I told you so!"
Portfolio sample, rendered in Adobe Photoshop
copyright 2011-L.J. Michaels

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April 22, 2011

April 18, 2011

Alex Colombo

Easter is coming...and here's Linette, the sunny-bunny ;)
Do you prefer it in b&w or color?

In the next couple of weeks or so, I will start a series of publications on children's illustrations and illustrators and share it on my blog as well.  You're welcome to come by and visit when you have a chance!

April 14, 2011

Kit Grady


Christine Mix

I drew this quick sketch in pencil, in my sketch book, for a recent Illustration Friday theme - Toy... Titled, Books and Toys, by Christine Mix, copyright 2011

April 12, 2011

Matthew Gauvin

  "Skipping Monster" from my new book "Allegra Friend of All Monsters"
This book will be my second watercolor children's book. This is the rough sketch for one of the illustrations in the book.
To see three more rough sketches for this book visit my blog http://matthewgauvin.blogspot.com/
To view some of my finished illustrations, oil and watercolor, visit my website at http://www.matthewgauvin.com/
THANKS for looking!

Scott Nelson


April 11, 2011

Alex Colombo

The Fantastic Music Band! © 2009-2011 Alex Colombo      

I drew the original illustration in pencil, for a special project. I later on modified it to make it into a fun and whimsical children's mini-print :)

P.S. Hello everyone! I'm new to this lovely blog. So happy to be here and be part of it!

Deborah Cuneo

"Ready, Set...DRAW!"


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April 10, 2011

Samuel Kirkman

Detail of w.i.p. from Ouwangalaymah! The "Tail" Of The Name Of The Tree. #3
Available soon!
Ouwangalaymah! #1 and #2 now available in print from Indyplanet.com
and in digital PDF from Theillustratedsection.com

April 9, 2011


Click the picture to see the animation (music Sally Nyolo).

April 7, 2011

April 6, 2011

Gail Ross

Grace and her brothers

©2011 Watercolor/Digital
From EverAfter Art Designs' "Zoo Art" Licensing collection
by Gail Ross and Sally Burr
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