September 14, 2012

Cherish Flieder & Benjamin Hummel

A Dragon Named Trouble
"A Dragon Named Trouble"

Mixed Media Children's Illustration
Copyright Benjamin Hummel and Cherish Flieder. All Rights Reserved
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This piece was co-illustrated by Cherish Flieder and Benjamin Hummel according to their acclaimed Been Cherished style. The story is simple. There is a dragon named Trouble who would love to come inside the kingdom. So he makes his appeal to the children guarding the gate. The boy thinks he remembers this dragon being here before, and the last time he was here, he lived up to his namesake, digging up flower gardens, spilling paint on the carpet, getting into the cooking jar, tracking mud throughout on the clean carpet. But this dragon is so enticing and after the children turned him away once, he comes back, this time tempting them by juggling cupcakes! Will the kids succumb to his antics, yet once again?